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the top of your own investigating says there are strong suspicions rebels in syria have used chemical weapons but some of those nothing to suggest government forces have done the same. meanwhile israel is condemned for a series of air strikes inside syria but also takes a look at whether the ultimate target of that tonks could lie elsewhere. and will record unemployment painful austerity and the lowest ratings and recent french history from saul and marks the end of a time first year as president. this
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is coming to life almost hello and welcome to the park rod. a leading vest a gator says there are strong suspicions rebels in syria have used the deadly nerve gas sour ranger in this civil war but to call a del ponte a also says she has seen no evidence the government has resorted to the use of chemical weapons those claims are in contrast to an earlier statement by the u.s. who has accused president assad's forces of using them and threatened to take action he's going now to check out reports now from washington. so gators say based on the evidence that they have the rebels in syria have used the nerve agent sorry this is a major development which comes at a time when the assad government is being accused of having used chemical weapons and so this investigation which says that in all likelihood the rebels have used chemical weapons challenges the narrative which is dominating in the media here and that if chemical weapons were used they were used by the assad government there has
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been an intense build up of tension around the issue as president obama said the use of chemical weapons by the assad government would be a game changer although he did specify that the u.s. had no hard evidence to accuse the assad government of doing that now this you need . to geisha is believed to be separate from the investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria in the middle of march assad forces and the rebels blame each other for that damascus has requested a u.n. mission to investigate the incident but the investigation is being stalled because in addition to investigating that specific incident the u.n. chief now the men's access to all facilities in syria and there are concerns that this inquiry wants the u.n. into the center of a possible hunt for weapons of mass destruction where it faces the ghost of iraq the fear again is that politics may get ahead of facts. and denise a from the french center for intelligence studies told us see when rebels and they have
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received chemical weapons from abroad. well it's very difficult to say probably be told them in. syrian stock but they could also are being. received. from the foreign countries because we don't know what they've got to riyadh plague them or know but for for us it's not really a surprise because from our see for two years we save that all but we are faced with a very huge disinformation campaign against bashar regime because the mass and bashar they don't have any interest to use chemical weapons they go because all war first and all the territory they are in position or they are going to war again to rebuild so they've doubled after use chemical weapons because it would be absolutely counterproductive so every time we receive something from nation seeing
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that the bashar regime is yours even chemical weapons we are very very cautious because we don't believe in going out of information after launching as trying to inside syria over the weekend israel is increasing rocket defenses on its northern border it will also protect itself after launching two attacks on syrian targets within forty eight hours and syria has reportedly pointed its missiles at israel and threatens to try and block immediately if there are more raids and he's joining us now live from tel aviv with the latest hello there paula so it looks like a standoff between the countries even growing is there any suggestion that the that may be regretting its actions that. well it's hard to say at this point what i can tell you is that damascus has officially condemned the israeli attack on a syrian military targets the syrians are stressing that all options are on the table although they haven't specified exactly what they mean when they say that the
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syrian ministry of foreign affairs has sent to letters one to the united nations security council chairman and another one to the united nations general assembly chairman regarding the attack on sunday morning the syrian say they call it all they are at least considering it as a call for war and they've termed the israeli aggression as something that has caused deaths injuries and serious destruction now the syrian president bashar assad has reportedly given clear orders to all missile operators as well as anti aircraft weapon officers to react to any unknown objects or any i'm known things that they see in the air regardless of their type all source immediately and without any reference to a high administration assad has also said that he would and now palestinian organizations operating in his country to wage war and to wage attacks against israel from the golan heights which is of course the mountains that border israel and syria what this means in effect is that the syrian army will not stop any
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palestinian from embarking on any kind of military action against israel that emanate from within the syrian territory is all does seem to have shot itself in the foot to have its borders now open for palestinians who essentially israel has strained relations with is hugely problematic for this country and what we see now is that israel's actions have made its northern borders are vulnerable for attacks or infiltration from palestinian groups what many are saying is that the israeli strike could essentially or is essentially backfiring on them israel says that it was targeting a military convoy that was making its way from iran to hezbollah in lebanon through syria but what syria says is that one of the targets was a research they. as well as a very specific military targets such as soldiers barracks and compounds so essentially you have a situation where the israelis need to rethink what exactly they have embarked upon your right and she's paullus clear with the latest on possible consequences of the
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current crisis between the countries in the middle east right now paula many thanks indeed for that update. and both the u.n. and arab league have condemned israeli action but there are concerns the attacks could have motives well beyond syria as an she's made in a culture never explains. there is a third player here fellow shia ally to assad and has a bill on the big boy on the block and israel's arch enemy iran now reports suggest that it was in the rain in shipment to has volokh that israel was told getting so it's possible that syria is just the middle man and it wouldn't be be young reason that iran is equipping has a block as a backup in case of conflict with israel israel with this provocation there will be for a response either from syria even from his block or better yet from the point of view of the obama to be in israel from the run so if you run in syria don't do anything for the moment just wait this will be seen as it is just
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a provocation but if there is you know the slightest bit of a response from either syria or iran that's the perfect brick for what really shocked and or against syria iran is seen as the main thread by israel's government which is very nervous about its nuclear activities and in response to these airstrikes iran has already called on the whole region to stand against israel iran labeled the airstrike as an act of aggression accusing israel of advancing its own interests by creating instability in the region with an unprovoked attack and the commander of the country's ground forces warn that iran is ready to provide logistic support and military training to help syria defend itself against israel so townshend's ass collate and the motives are for onlookers to guess at is launching missiles into syria actually part of israel's plan to contain iran.
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and let's not talk more to alistair krueger a former e.u. mediator in the middle east mr krueger welcome to the program unprovoked to. syria twice in forty eight hours as we know what does international law will stand on this particular issue. well that's a very simple question clearly an act of war i mean there's no doubt about that it was an unprovoked attack on the on a sovereign state and it is of course counter to the un charter is well. there's no doubt about that it's also an extremely dangerous exercise in doing this . however i think what we're seeing and it's become a little bit clearer here in lebanon from certain reporting we hear from both from his baller and syria that actually walk we're seeing is really more of
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a political event the necessarily a military coup in the sense that there has been are a saying it seems. there was an attempt by israel to or tire shipments coming from syria hence the friday attacks then that seems they confirm that actually there was a recent successful receipt of what they described as effective weapons has been described and then we had a number of overflights into lebanon over the weekend so what i think we saw was that the failure to actually hit the arms convoy probably provoked the israeli's to decide to make a demonstrative exercise in damascus if you like a far works of power techniques exercise to make the point that they were unhappy about weapons shipments coming yes so you say all this creates a very dangerous precedent but given that see where how strong regional allies like
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lebanon and iran is that israel afraid of provoking a regional war that. i think that israel is playing quite a careful game not necessarily wanting to go to war with syria but much of what its action is designed to do is to try and push washington push washington warn towards intervention in syria and i think this is intended if you like to put pressure not so much directly on the white house but through congress. to change his red line is red line being that he would only take action if chemical weapons were used in syria but also then if he could shift that red line if the israelis can shift that red line and pushing for intervention then maybe they could also create the atmosphere in washington to push also for
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a change towards an attack on on iran so i think ultimately it's much more psychological exercise aimed at washington than really a desire to start if you like perhaps a multi front war involving syria hezbollah iran and. possibly other states so i take it as a zero as actions are being tolerated by the west now that we're in the missiles have reportedly been pointed at israel do you see this tension evolving into a military conflict that. i think it's very possible that it could evolve in that way it's a highly dangerous exercise because i think we're approaching both the red lines of states such as iran and syria and russia and on the other hand the red lines of the united states i think that we have seen the timing of this has been very significant in the sense that it comes on the heels of really some notable
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successes by president assad's forces on the ground both in the south around homs severing the link between lebanon and homs and indeed in the north and so in a sense there's probably an element of the desire from by israel to give an extra filler and a push towards the armed opposition in syria but there's also the red line if we're going to sleep with iran mr kirk i'm really sorry to interrupt you but our time is up that former e.u. mediator in the middle east and a sacred thank you very much indeed. so i had this out for you and i'll see pretty lection violence still rates through parts of town with forcing killed in the latest on talk of got an update from islamabad later in the program. on the mystery behind a plane that disappeared over the russian of euros a year ago with thirteen aboard is finally sold that and much more later in the
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program. a group of bahraini on to government accidents has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for attacking a police patrol the protest has denied the charges claiming they were tortured into making confessions bahrain has been engulfed in projects for more than two years now with police often brutally cracking down on going to strangers the opposition accuses the rulers of oppressing them and claims western countries are trying to downplay the scale down the rest mohamed al sofie who is an anti-government activists in bahrain so if there's a conflict of interest involved in the on the rest. because of the all you can buy hand because of the oil we divorced from here only because the poll was the
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straight that needs to be all the time to ensure that the floor for oil is not destructive because we have an action based here in bahrain which down there can rely on as a spot to watch over the region all of that have taken its toll on the ground just the capital you can install on the children that are being arrested from donors in the schools on the women doctors that are being tortured in prison all of the barricades because of the spotless different human rights. to the political wrongs in bahrain we don't really have any other choice but to force it the damage has been done my cousins are and my friends are. and for me it's the only if you can think when you to do is to help them out again help me help me before a look at
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a tough first year prances socialist president and the mistress of a plane that disappeared without trace is sold by either of these stories animal after the break. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged with a big. download
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. location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter about what your mobile device is you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. this is a welcome bok in northwest pakistan at least fourteen people have been killed in bomb blast targeting a ploy taliban and lecturer riley dozens more were injured in the explosion in the coorong region the other gonna stop is the latest in a string of attacks against political parties wanting in the may eleventh parliamentary election under full moon base that's now cross live to our big correspondent terry moore here dana who's in islamabad for us how that takes so
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please tell us more about this latest a talk. yes actually there are a few weeks it's a bike sign is witnessing a series of attacks on the leaders but today's attack it's significant. because the attack has targeted i which. is summarized the every visions of your model of my islam which is a party. for all of the taliban and has been. with between the taliban and the government and some also the americans the head of this political party has been in qatar for a few weeks bag and as i mentioned with some americans in order to mediate with their with the pakistani taliban in the gun fight even though and this is a tag is while the. elections go in when i didn't see the bordering afghanistan and the slogans in that that that campaign was and the americanism
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can be in the north has occurred and people so far has been killed and scores are injured there are expectations from observer here that the violence will increase by the time we are approaching the elevons may elections which is called here i historical elections but the violence is either even or it's a few days of this election it's. all right thank you very much terry. arabic correspondent terry many thanks indeed. angry crowds have flooded the streets of paris piling the pressure on the french president exactly again he was elected tens of thousands gathered to denounce france saw alonzo's temperature drive according to opinion polls is now the most unpopular french needed for decades at a time of record unemployment and
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a shrinking economy. and now reports. was there. i heard you heard change was a year ago thousands of people had gathered at this very place to celebrate the victory of socialist president francois hollande but here on the thousands of people are again gathered but for a very different reason this time they're asking the president where are the changes that he had promised asked by the very same people who had voted left and put along didn't place recent polls show its popularity has plummeted to less than twenty five percent the biggest fall for any french president in the past fifty years but you know i thought it. i let you know where your promises are come on where are they it's not just your it is not me and i've yet this is the
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mission that from now on will be mine to give the european construction of dimension of growth employment and prosperity you have france's hit record unemployment of three point two million people in march the biggest source of public anger it's also scratch hopes of cutting the budget deficit to three percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and thirteen and the european commission's most recent forecast shows france will be in recession until the end of the year the seventy five percent income tax on the super rich is also a no go after france's constitutional court overruled it or the very talk of it pushed french actor gerard depardieu to give up his citizenship for a law should one one promise a law and it didn't that it's to keep is legalizing gay marriage please and supporters it also sparking fears consultation. the way it was all the. things people are happy with gay marriage but it doesn't feed our families it doesn't give us food there are realities that are good to say but are also
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priorities priority is employment we need to eat it is ok just too easy to blame. if you're the. new president immediately. into the economy one hundred one anyway i just would like to get your credit which is not making that much promise which is keeping some heat on which is not going to explain that you know they're the magic recipient of no one hundred four. yeah yeah yeah i paid a magic recipe this film. her says is nonexistent he made this video during last year's presidential campaign to show the country's lack of choice.
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in the memo that they feel when you listen to the media you'd think there were a lot of differences between the two but that's just on a superficial level the most important things they agree do we need to intervene in another country to fight they will agree to intervening in other countries because the weapons lobby will always be behind a lot is well aware of his unpopularity but says he will weather this storm improve he can't keep his promises at the end of this five year term. he needs time fine we are here to tell him mr president time is up you know need to start changing but others like these workers who recently closed steel plant of eastern france are not even hopeful symbolically laid to rest a lot of broken promises under a heading which reads the trail. does are cilia r.t. paris the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the euro is killing thirteen people on board has been found
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nearly a year after it went missing search teams had scoured thousands of square kilometers without success but it turned out that their work was close at hand and they thought buried in a swarm just a few kilometers from the airport was more now his under far. it was a disaster that looked like it would never be solved this was the devastating scene three men stumbled across this week in the russian urals the remains of a plane that had gone missing nearly a year ago with the loss of thirteen lives normally the biplane was used to put out wildfires but on the night of jeannie lent last year it's believed the pilot took it for a fatal joyride with twelve friends and relatives. he was one of three people who made the discovery and he is with us now this plane was missing for over a year how did you find. your thoughts talk we were approached on behalf of a group of hunters who saw
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a strange metallic structure out in the bogs not far from the city of several of although they suspected it to be the plane they would not sure. the location was only four kilometers away from the nearest road but the journey was very difficult and it's no easy task trekking through the tiger when we got there it was obvious that the metallic object was indeed what was left of the plane and can you describe the scene of the crash was the plane badly damaged where their bodies. of the somalia of the plane itself went down at a very sharp angle and became half submerged in the bog the shock of the impact stripped the plane's body of sheeting leaving behind only a skeletal airframe packed with human bones not one skeleton was intact we counted eleven skulls in various conditions some with evident burn marks others with multiple puncture wounds and why do you think the authorities were unable to find this airplane after all it crashed only eight kilometers from the airfield. the all
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of the risk for most of the year the tiger in this area is simply impossible the plane crashed in the middle of a bog and with ice still present there it allowed us if barely to get to the wreckage and the wind to the snow is too deep and in the summer the entire area becomes a bog when the rescue was conducted in the summer rescue a simply couldn't reach the area and we saw the pass that they had left behind it turned out they had passed only about fifty meters from an area where the wreck could be seen while a criminal investigation has been reopened into the case and although a large part of the mystery has been solved with the discovery of the wreckage how it took off without permission and why it plowed into nearby marshland remains unclear opening up an excuse of a next hail analyse all the latest from the world of sport with kate partridge.
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every detail. every piece of metal. and every one of those who wrote step on red square on the ninth of may are ready. for the victory day parade. watch the live coverage on our t.v. . well see british science. is not out to write for. the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy comes a report on r.t. . hello welcome to the r t sports show with me kate partridge and here's what's coming up. top bottles hulton that's a hat trick to keep sinitta in the title hot off the test got edged terek to stay three points clear in the russian premier league. plus sweet dreams maria sharapova unveils her own brand of sweets here in moscow before the world number two prepares to defend her french open title. and the rematch just go warm up for the euro league last for battle against rivals olympiacos with an end
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of season win over him king in moscow. but let's kick off with russian football way to scobee terror to stay three points clear at the top of the premier league but a whole cap trick keeps an eight in the title chase which is on course late reports . it was a welcome return to winning ways for serious crime exchange but first victory for one nil of homes terek just been a boom school the only goal after half an hour to get beyond human free points clear at the top of its very. whom. am i polled help defending champions you need to maintain their quest for a third straight title as being credible brazilian made his first top flight hat trick in a four nil home drubbing of ten man a line here in bottom years picked up two yellow cards soft a quarter of an hour and the home side took full advantage hoke opening the scoring with a first hole penalty.


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